Let's talk about respect and equity

Welcome to Courageous Conversations! You’re invited to learn about and join the conversation about gender equity and respectful relationships! 

Information For Workplaces

Information for Workplaces

Workplaces can challenge social norms, and foster an environment which is safe, inclusive and fair, providing numerous benefits to staff and clients. Diversity and Equality is good for business. A workforce which is a diverse as its customers can more effectively engage with its clientele
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Information For Local Government

Information for Local Government

Local Government has the unique position to profoundly influence cultural change, engage with people in their communities and respond to…

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Information For Community Groups

Information for Community Groups

Community agencies who could be involve in respectful relationships curriculum development and implementation: School Leaders at all levels School welfare…

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Information For Sporting Clubs

Information for Sporting Clubs

Sporting clubs are an important element in the lives of many rural communities, contributing to local identity, sense of community…

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This project has been funded under the Reducing Violence against Women and their Children grants program, part of the Victorian Government’s Community Crime Prevention Program – local solutions for local crime prevention issues.