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The Courageous Conversations Workplace Checklist is a tool, designed to begin conversations on gender and equity in your workplace.  Click on the Courageous Conversations Workplace Checklist to print all the questions.


Question 1

Is there equal representation of men and women on the board?

Possible Action

Set targets to increase the gender diversity on the board

Guidelines for Gender Balance Performance and Reporting


Question 2

Is there equal representation of men and women in senior management and leadership positions?

Possible Action 

Discuss the differences in gender composition of leaders

Gather data on gender composition of leaders

Guidelines for setting and meeting targets to increase gender diversity in the workplace


Question 3

Do leaders role model respect to all members of staff?

Possible Action 

Discuss what respect looks like – Respect, Equity and Diversity Framework


Question 4

Is leadership driving and committed to gender equality?

Possible Action 

Gather examples and best practice of leadership championing gnder equality, share these with leaders


Read the Business Case for why Gender Equality is good for workplaces

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