Let's talk about respect and equity

The Courageous Conversations Charter provides a framework individuals and organisations can adopt to take action in preventing violence against women, by promoting gender equality and respect in their environment.

Statement of Commitment

As a Community member/organisation we commit to:

  • Modelling respectful relationships between peers and all members of the community
  • Speaking out about sexism and gender stereotypes
  • Providing a safe, inclusive and supportive environment
  • Providing a structural and cultural environment that promotes gender equity

Why Adopt the Charter?

The charter supports organisations to provide a safe and inclusive environment and a respectful culture, and individuals a set of core values to live by and practice. By implementing the Charter’s statements of commitment, this allows individuals and organisations to address; the reinforcement of gender stereotypes, as well as challenging sexist comments, discrimination and disrespectful behaviour. Through these discussions, organisations can

  • Attract a broader and more diverse group of membership and talent pool
  • Increase satisfaction and morale
  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Reduce membership/staff turnover
  • Promote themselves as a family friendly club/organisation

Download our Charter

Download the Courageous Conversations Charter

The Courageous Conversations Charter is based on the Charter of Human Rights and the underlying causes of violence against women.