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Sporting clubs are an important element in the lives of many rural communities, contributing to local identity, sense of community and a spirit of egalitarianism. People in rural communities spend a great deal of time in the club environment, either playing, training, fund raising, socialising and as spectators.

Sporting clubs have an opportunity to influence what is acceptable and normal behaviour within the club and provide healthy, safe and family friendly environments

Sexism in sport - it starts at home

Challenging sexism in sport

Sexism in sport – coaches

What can Sporting Clubs do?

Policies Related to Inclusion

Clubs can illustrate their support for inclusion and formalise their stance on issues such as racial vilification, homophobia, sexual harassment etc by developing clear statements, codes and policies concerned with expected behaviour and the club’s directives to respect everyone. Here are some sample policies, procedures as a starting point. (http://www.clubhelp.org.au/)

Other Resources

Club Help is a free “one-stop-shop” for volunteers in sport and recreation clubs to assist with all aspects of running a successful club. www.clubhelp.org.au

Valley Sport – Information, Advice, Support and Club Development Programs for grass root sporting clubs in the Goulburn Valley. Twitter @ValleySport

Sport North East promotes the vital importance of building, maintaining and encouraging active sport and recreation activities. The program works with the community to ensure that people of all abilities are able to participate in recreation activities.

Benalla Saints Sporting Club share their involvement in the Courageous Conversations campaign. The Benalla Saints have taken active steps to promote equality and respect within their club and within the local community

Benalla Saints Sporting Club

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