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The Courageous Conversations Workplace Checklist is a tool, designed to begin conversations of gender and equity in your workplace. Click on the Courageous Conversations Workplace Checklist to print all the questions.

Question 1

Is there a zero tolerance culture to sexism, discrimination and harassment?

Possible Action

Leaders call out all staff on misconduct

Ending workplace sexual harassment: A resource for small, medium and large employers


Question 2

Do staff call out sexist and discriminatory comments and behaviour?

Possible Action 

Leaders role model calling out misconduct and encourage and support staff to do so

Recognising and responding to sexual harassment in the workplace: Information for employees


Question 3

Do all men and women have the same access to opportunities and are supported to gain those opportunities? Including when it is non-traditional for their sex e.g. women applying for a senior leadership position in a male dominated department

Possible Action

Consider unconscious bias when offering opportunities

Equal opportunity in practice


Read the Business Case about why Gender Equality is good for work places

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