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Workplace Policies and Practices

The Courageous Conversations Workplace Checklist is a tool, designed to begin conversations on gender and equity in your workplace. Click on the Courageous Conversations Workplace Checklist to print all the questions

Question 1

Are flexible working arrangements available for staff? Do men and women utilise this?

Possible Action

Identify flexible and family-friendly work practices that occur in the organisation; record success factors and share positive stories

Parents and Carers at Work

Workplace flexibility strategy


Question 2

Does your organisation provide employer funded paid parental leave for primary carers?

Possible Action 

Research industry and/or national best practice policy standards

Parental Leave


Question 3

Does your organisation have a formal sex-based harassment and discrimination prevention policy or strategy? Are they adhered to, enforced and known by all staff?

Possible Action

Monitor the ongoing effectiveness of polices and processes from a gender perspective

Workplace discrimination and harassment policy template

Ending workplace sexual harassment: A resource for small, medium and large employers



Read the Business Case about why Gender Equality is good for work places

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