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Information for Workplaces

“There are two deeply held beliefs in Australia – that a good mother stays home with her children and a serious worker is available 24×7 and has no obvious family commitments.  These are unrealistic and dated ideas that still exert a surprising amount of influence on workplace attitudes”  Elizabeth Broderick, National Sex Discrimination Commissioner

What can Workplaces do?

Workplaces can challenge social norms, and foster an environment which is safe, inclusive and fair, providing numerous benefits to staff and clients.  Diversity and Equality is good for business. A workforce which is a diverse as its customers can more effectively engage with its clientele

  • Talent and capability is not found in one particular demographic
  • You become an employer of choice
  • Gender diverse and inclusive teams are consistently more innovative than homogeneous teams
  • emplyees at all levels who are valued and included, and who can ‘be themselves’ at work are typically more engaged, motivated and therefore productive.

 Employee Opinion Survey

This survey helps to provide an employee-based assessment of gender equality in your organisation.  The short version takes 15 minutes. The extended, more in depth survey will take 40 minutes (can be found in Appendix).

Toolkit of strategies to support women in the workforce – Human Rights Commission

Words into Action

A practical guide to achieve gender equity in your workplace and improve you company’s performance


Women in male-dominated industries: A toolkit of strategies

This toolkit is designed to assist leaders in organisations to develop and implement constructive and sustainable strategies to increase the representation of women in non-traditional roles in male-dominated industries. It provides practical suggestions and examples of different kinds of workplace strategies and mechanisms across four areas of: attraction, recruitment, retention and development of women.


Re-imagining our workplaces

A practical 12 page document with recommendations

Pay Equity: How to address the Gender pay Gap

A Victorian government research paper.  It presents a review of gender pay equity in Victoria, designed to establish whether inequity exists, and to outline options for action to correct it, should such inequity be identified.

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency is a good website for tools and resources to review your workplace


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